There is nothing I love more than hearing from customers how much they love Six Sassy Sistas! Read some testimonials below, and email me yours at

“A friend introduced me to Six Sassy Sistas while we were vacationing in Florida. Your product worked wonders at transforming my frizzy red hair to straight and shiny, even in the August humidity! I went home and ordered two bottles, Happy Girl are the Prettiest and Toes in the Water, Toosh in the Sand.” ~ Kati from Massachusetts

“Love your skin serum! Especially for my heels they went from dry and calloused to moisturized and smooth!” ~ Jessica from Ohio

“The Oooey Gooe Caramel oil is amazing! I love to spray it on after my shower. It leaves my skin super soft and smells delicious! I definitely recommend this product to everyone I know.” ~ Shanna from Texas

“I love mine! Going to give some to my father-in law tomorrow. No dryness! I put it on after the shower. No slipping then! Give it a whirl!” ~Sue from California

“I absolutely love, love, LOVE my Six Sassy Sistas Ooey Gooey Caramel all natural oil! And now my new favorite Serendipity – If you haven’t tried these yet, you are really missing out! The scent is amazing and my skin totally thanks me for using this! Thank you so much!” ~Trace from Nebraska

“I love this oil!! I use it every time I shower.. I use to use lotion every day and now I just use the oil it is a great moisturizer for your skin.. I have eczema and this oil helps with the flaking.. If you haven’t tried Six Sassy Sister’s skin serum, you should cause you will love it! I would recommend it for anyone!! Love it!!” ~ Stefani from Ohio

“They work awesome, one thing I like a lot is that they have a great scent but not too powerful!” ~ Karla from Indiana

“I love it! My boys used half my last bottle on the slip n slide and I about lost it!” ~Jennifer from Kentucky

“Just ordered my second 12oz bottle! I have completely stopped using lotions and only use this product. My skin looks and feels so much better. I love to use it on my hands and feet before bed too.” ~Mandi from Texas

“I use these after a shower and as a hair serum. I have even added some to some used coffee grounds to make a scrub. It made my skin soft and smooth. I can not wait to place another order. The only problem I have is choosing a scent. They are all very true to their name and the smell is pronounced. My favorites are Toes in the Water, Toosh in the Sand and Appletini.” ~Ellie from California

“OK! So thought I had it all until I got Six Sassy Sistas! Clear out all that other stuff! just put one in your shower! I have a hair salon so am in chemicals and of course water all the time!I just keep it on my station! It also works as a great anti-frizz on finished hair! Just a tiny bit on fingertips and run through those unruly ends!! Great on heels … apply put socks on and super moisturized when you wake up! Its wonderful because you just grab 1 product instead of a makeup bag full!”~ Angie from Ohio

“Since I was 13 anytime I went in any water or ocean I would get so itchy to the point of balling my eyes out and using a plastic brush to scratch. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. It got to the point that I hated going in the ocean or a pool I have not gotten itchy once since I started using Six Sassy Sistas. I can’t wait for the new scents. I am petrified something will disappear so I have to stock up!” ~Cheri from Massachusetts