Sassy Sistas Takes Over Nashville


  This week my Director of Recruiting and Developement, Erica LaFond and myself kicked our boots up and hit Nashville for an amazing learning experience at the DS Edge Conference in Franklin, Tennessee. It was a priceless experience that helped us gain more knowledge and direction on where I plan to take the business and also gave us confindence that we are where we need to be. It wasn’t all business and no pleasure though.  Erica and I got to visit Broadway Street in Nashville for an evening of kicking our boots up and enjoying all the talent that amazing city has to offer.  After this experience I know that my dream to offer a more natural, inexpensive, multi-use product to our customers and Sassy Sistas has been worth all blood sweat and tears. Thank you for your support and helping dreams come true.

Nichol Crum

Owner of Six Sassy Sistas